Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Letters to Santa

Alexander and Eva and completely different. Here is an example. We have been working on letters to Santa all month. Eva's list is a little different than Alexadners. This is her second more refined list.

This is Alexadner's original list and I added some things I heard him say over the last few weeks.
Anytime she sees anything she likes she wants it for christmas. Luckily she has a short memory. She also insists that I draw a picture next to the word to make sure I got it right. Alexander on the other hand doesn't seem to mind what he gets. I asked him the other day and he said he would like whatever Santa brings him.I really love all the aspects of the christmas season.

Merry Christmas!


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meleofa said...

so sweet. I love their lists. Miaya decided she wanted to write a letter to Santa this year, and she wants a skateboard. I was all ready to get one and Dustin said no. hahahahahaha. So we shall see. I love their sweet and simple wants. :)