Sunday, August 31, 2008


I haven't blogged in awhile so here is a quick update

Our Camera is officially broken completely. It wont even turn on now. Eva is smiling and giggling a lot well her kind of giggling. We don't do much here at home with Alexander and Eva. We have gone to the beach and we went swimming with Line,Eva (American pronunciation), Kalena and Maysa at the Hilton on Friday and it was quite a bit of fun. We might be going tomorrow again. All the kids really like it and Daniel and Augustine both have to work on Labor day so we figured we would. (They are our new friends). Eva is about a year older than Alexander, Maysa is 5 and Kalena is a month older than Eva Sunna. Daniel just got done being sick again. We get sick all of us at least once a month and it is very annoying. We found out the other day that the Kathryn and Ralph are coming to visit in October and we are so excited to see them. Eva seems so big and receptive now. If you talk and smile at her she will talk and smile back. I never got that with Alexander but he wasn't as social or needy as Eva either. Sorry for no pictures. The card is even broken. The computer wont upload pictures directly from it so Daniel and I figure we will get one for Christmas or something. Although we will miss all the holidays. We will see I guess.

I am trying to do my Immigration stuff and its so expensive so we have to take care of that first. It is made so difficult and confusing. I can't believe how expensive it is getting either. I am not going to blog more about it because it is stressful and annoying. We have just been relaxing I guess. My calling is so time consuming! I can't believe it. It keeps me very busy and Young Women can be so dramatic sometimes. The busy season is coming up. I can't help but think I would be a lot more helpful or willing in my head if I didn't have two young children and a husband. I feel like everyday of the week something is expected for it and it is rather overwhelming sometimes. There are so many activities. Over here they aren't just on Tuesdays. If we decide to do a Saturday or Friday activity we do all of them, there is no canceling of one to substitute the other and that has been happeneing for the past few weeks. It is rewarding but demanding. Anyway enough of that.

Its my birthday on Saturday and I hope I get to relax. Daniel was already sick this whole weekend so as long as The children and I don't get sick it should be a good weekend. I am hoping Daniel will be able to take me to dinner on Saturday night because there are no good movies out. There is a place called the Jamaican grill. I am hoping to go there and I already set up babysitters.

It has officially been a year since I was in school and I really miss it. I feel like my brain is turning to mush and I don't' have anything to read. I found out my local library doesn't allow children under 3 in there PERIOD. So that strikes out both of my children. If there is a low literacy rate here that is not helping it. I hope in a year I can find somewhere I want to get my masters and at least think about it. I don't know when I will be able to do it considering my family is here and grew but I don't want to give up that dream. OK I am boring and done. I am not sure when you will here from us again because of no camera and that was the main purpose. We will have to work on that.
Bye for now.


MoBo said...

HMMMM interestin tindespecting, I hope to here from you alot! hahahah chokes ey, that library sounds spazmodic, and insane. and so does your young women's programme! so does daniel want to see watchmen? I do, just because the trailer had a line that said "and they will cry Help us, and I will wisper No" hahhahahah That is just mint hahahah sweet as, somthing along those lines anyways. Love hearing from yous guys! mucho love


Mable said...

Miriam - I hear you about the young women's program. Did you know that I was called as the Young Women's President for our ward. There is always something urgent everyday about it. What's funny about your blog is because I always if I didn't have to do everything on my own and I had a husband then I would have a better attitude about the calling. I guess it doesn't matter what your situation is, that calling is a demanding calling!

I'll update my blog soon so you can see what's going on. I really miss you guys and I'm trying to save up money and time off so I can come see you. I'm looking into starting my MBA this winter and summer (currently studying for the GMAT). It does feel good to be studying again. What do you want to get your masters in?

MiriamR said...

This is Daniel
I guess what we can learn from Heather and Miriam is that they are loosing all these blessings in heaven by doing their callings grudgingly.

Sarah said...

Hey guys! Sorry you keep getting sick - that's no fun at all! And it's a bummer your camera is broken - I want to see more pictures of your cute kids :) That sucks about your local library! I think you should read the Twilight series. Maybe I can mail you my copy to borrow ... ?

Melisa said...

Hi Miriam
I know Im reading this way late... hahahaha. You know what?? everyone deserves some time to vent about a bad day, week, year :). Let me just tell you that going to school and having 2 young kids is rough. However it is a nice distraction. You have a part of your life that is all yours ;). Hope the kids and daniel get better. Its hard to have everyone sick all at the same time. Love you.

Hera said...

Life is fun and it sucks too hehe.
It will be fun having Kathryn and Ralph for a little bit.
Our summer is creeping in.
I am glad you had a fun birthday.
We miss you heaps.