Monday, August 18, 2008

A blog from Daniel

I finally set up the projector the way I wanted to with the ceiling mount and everything. For anyone that knows me they know this is pretty big for me. So here are a few pictures of me measuring the projection on the wall and making sure it was square and everything. You will notice Alexander coming to help me.
Here is Alexander helping me measure the picture on the wall to make sure it is centered and square, such a good little helper. Every time I do a project he feels he has to help, because he either wants to help or he doesn't think I know what I am doing.
This is a picture of our temporary dinner table while we were waiting for the new tables paint to dry. It is now being used as Bubba's table he loves it. We bought it because he is always putting his drinks and food on the couch (one of the reasons we bought a dark colored couch) this way he now has something new to put his drinks on.

Now for an update on how we are doing in Guam. Miriam and are really busy with church stuff and we really like it. I teach Sunday School every other week and am the District Executive Secretary. Miriam is in young womens, and her calling takes up more of her time than both my callings do combined. Last week we had family home evening on Monday, then Tuesday Miriam went to young womens, then we both had meetings on Wednesday night (she took the kids to hers in hopes that it would get her out of it, didn't work) then she had another meeting on Thursday night. Then on Friday night we had the missionaries over for dinner and invited 2 young women to come as well. one of them is a member the other is not yet, so we told the missionaries they could teach her at our house. It was a good experience. What was really great is that after the missionaries left, the 2 young women babysat. Not only did they babysit they cleaned our house. Then they just slept over (I guess that's the norm here) and we made them breakfast in the morning and they did the dishes again!!! It was awesome the best $32.00 I have ever spent.
The church and mission here reminds me of a warmer more successful Iceland mission. so when the missionaries come over I bore them to death with stories from my mission. One reason it reminds me of Iceland is the missionaries hardly ever get fed by the members, which was weird to me I thought it would be more like a Island church culture like Tonga where missionaries get fed all the time. So Miriam and I have the missionaries over once a week and we try to have an investigator over when the come. That is pretty much it.


Maliana said...

hahah daniel i love your post you are a crazy man! i love the part about you boring the missionaries about your stories at least your honest ;) just kidding! hey speaking of which did you here matti's going to salt lake city south?

Sarah said...

Nice! We try to have the sisters over for dinner a couple times a month, and it's always a great experience! Your chairs and table look good, too.

Andrew said...

I lost my phone and I need your me when you can