Friday, March 2, 2012

wow wow wow

I have become a horrible record keeper. Thats what this blog is for me much of the time. Just writing down the everyday life that we are experiencing. So I got really organized and then I got super busy. I got a calling in the Young Women Presidency over the Beehives and that was great. I remember thinking before I got called that I felt I could handle more in life but that I was fine with what I had. Now I don't really know if this new call will still be the case. I won't know until Sunday after church so I have a bit of time. Lets see. The kids are getting bigger, talking more. Jamison actually says thank you in his own way. I think no one else can understand it but me because he says the same thing when ever I give
him things or he comes and gives me things.

I made strawberry freezer jam and it tastes good and it was really easy ( I used a blender)

We found out Jamison loves strawberries.

Um oh yeah I finally covered my ottoman. I am not that impressed with the print of the fabric I chose but it will do for now, until its in shambles and I find the perfect other fabric. I can't remember any of the things we have been doing. Oh Daniel and I just got back from cirque du soleil dralion and it was impressive. We went with him work and it was way better than I imagined. Anyway I will try to be a better record keeper. I will make a goal and stick to it.



Hera said...

I want to see any of the circue's.One day perhaps. Jamison is getting so big.

Hera said...
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