Saturday, February 11, 2012

Alexander is 6

Alexander's birthday party was a pirate party and he had a lot of fun! I didn't take many pictures, not even at the beginning. Sad. Oh well. I think the kids had fun and Alexander LOVED it. A really funny thing was that Alexander had no idea that people were going to bring him gifts. This was his first school friends party so maybe he didn't know what to expect. Anyway here are some photos
His birthday banner! This was my favorite thing because I put his photo on it and its cute. I ordered it from

These are some fuzzy pictures sorry I was trying to hurry because kids were arriving. This was the bandana and flag decorating set up. We had some pirate skulls with eye patches. The containers were full of pirate foam stickers to make it less messy
Then I made them earn their pirate hats by throwing little "cannon balls" at the enemy ship.

Daniel drew a ship onto the poster board. I did this game because Alexander really wanted water balloons and well this was the best option so that we didn't all get wet.

Then we had a wall of cannon balls and they were supposed to explode them with T pins. It was pretty loud they had confetti or prizes in them so it was exciting. I got this idea from pinterest where they had a giant pumpkin shape on the wall and just changed it to cannon balls.

Then we did pin the eye patch on the pirate. Daniel drew the pirate.
They did pretty well :

Then we did another activity, then it was time for cake. Cupcakes to be exact. Here is a shot of the singing:
All the shots I took of this show Alexander has a really great time. He absolutely loved his party. Here is a close up of the cupcakes:

It was so much fun. Yay our first friends party a success. His birthday isn't until the 12th (tomorrow) we will be doing candles and icecream. That is what he wanted and gifts again of course. Then on Monday its 24 cupcakes for his class! The great news is that I ran around trying to find the right toppers and then no one had what Alexander wanted so tonight I sent Daniel to walmart for some cooking oil and look what he brought home:
They had them!!! They didn't have them yesterday but today was magical. YAY Wohoo! I remember not finding them last year and this year we have success.

He is 6 now. Its so strange but he is. He keeps telling me he is going to 1st grade now :)

Happy Birthday Alexander!!

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