Sunday, January 29, 2012

wowza we are a house of lazy posters

So I haven't posted in a million years (3 weeks actually) It feels like much longer than that. We have been busy here. We have organized the heck out of our house. I read a book on organizing and it kicked me into shape and I did a closet a day and threw many things out and donated things and then it was time to do the garage and I just couldn't do it. Then our neighbors came over and helped us move the light in the kitchen and now it is a beautiful light. Then I got a new calling. I am the 2nd counselor in Young Women. Its really great. I just love the beehives. I am so glad we organized the entire house because my mind feels extremely clear and ready for new things so the call came at the right time.

I have been avoiding the computer a lot because Daniel got me that awesome new phone that i can check everything on and I find when I hop on the actual computer for just a little bit it turns into a lot bit and I waste much time. Hence the lack of posts. I have thrown in a new weekly cleaning schedule and it just makes me so happy to get things done in small increments throughout the week instead of all in one day. Its lifted the heavy burden of cleaning from my brain an hour a day is better for me than 6 hours for one day.
I have also been relearning time management. I used to be really good at it in college and then I wasn't and now I am remembering the important things like a daily agenda and a monthly plan. I set up reminders on my phone and get all the good things in during the way. Anyway lots of tangents in this post. We are busy living life. The kids are doing well and I do have some photos to post of them which I plan to do. Jamison got his first haircut and has started the tantrum stage. Eva likes to talk a lot but i can really understand her a lot and Alexander has improved so much at school. Like I said life is good and we are enjoying it. People always say they grow up so quickly and you need to enjoy every moment. That is exactly what we are trying to do.

More later. Have a lovely week!!


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