Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We are alive

With my lack of posts you would think we all disappeared but we are here. We haven't been doing much lately just surviving. We go to parks on Saturdays and play and Eva and Alexander like to play together each day and see who can get in the most trouble. Today we found a dog that was trying to get killed on a busy road. He is a Pomeranian and he needs a bath and a toothbrushing badly. Does anyone know how to wash a dog? I don't think I am a dog person but he needs a bath until we find his owner or his smell will kill me. We already posted a Found in the News Paper and on Craigslist hopefully someone will recognize him he doesn't bark and he just follows me around. The children love him and keep giving him advice "Dog you need water" "Dog you need food" "Dog you need to come watch a movie with me" "Dog you need to come play with me" Eva just yells doggie all day long now and is so sad the dog doesn't just follow her around. It doesn't mind the kids but seems to prefer adults, wants me to hold it. Sorry dog but you will have to settle with sitting at my feet.

Anyway here are some pictures of us lately.

Alexander loves playgrounds.
He would live there if we let him.

All three of them on the death slide.
Eva went by herself and came out upside down :(

Eva was yelling frantically "STUCK STUCK" so we ran to see this
Eva dancing with her daddy on the bridge
she is really becoming a daddy's girl
Her first ponytail she looks so old
She wears these heels at least once a day and just walks around.
A girl after my own heart
I am just shocked she can walk around in them so long.
This is one of my favorite pictures. There was a huge field at the park that they just ran around it. Alexander was running laps back and forth and Eva was just running and running trying to catch up. We were laughing pretty hard. She finally gave up and started running back to us.
On a side note next week is my first doctors appointment there were only two female OB's for my insurance in Rio Rancho. I have a female preference every baby so far has been by a female so I am going to stick with it. I am 4 months next Thursday no sign of the sickness leaving. Wish us luck and give some advice on how to bath a dog that is smaller than a standard basketball.


Anonymous said...

bathing a dog has got to be easier than bathing a cat! Just ask Daniel.
The only advice I have is look out when it's time to shake and don't get water in its eyes.
The kids are growing up so fast. Alexander probably doesn't rmember life without Eva. You two probably can't imagine it with out both of them now.
Good luck at the doctors!!

MoBo said...

OH MY GOSH, IS THAT A REAL PICTURE YOU TOOK OF THE RAT DOG?!?!??!? does it yip? i aint got no advice for you, you'd need special dog shampoos and stuff methinks, or you might kill the dog.

Gosh, that sounds TERRIBLE about being sick, i cant imagine, your park stories are Great though!

here is to wishing you well! (I'll have a glass of Dr. Pepper in your honour huahaha)

Hera said...

Those dogs usually bark a lot. So count your blessing with no barking.
Your littlu born sound like lots of fun. No boring time. Reminds me of Mele'Ofa as a litle kid she was very verbal and loud. Especially when we lived in Iceland haha.