Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I guess

Our family picture in Japan, this is our christmas photo sorry no cards this year, I promise next year.

I guess its time to post. I have been avoiding it because I don't know what to write. I have been sad and glad and mad and blad. We are in Utah. We were relieved before we came because we were coming. Then when we landed Daniel and I both got rather depressed about being here. It was strange we should have been happy because family and christmas is here but its been a rough two months and we miss Guam and its freezing here. I think we are doing better now and that is why I am willing to post today.

We went to Japan for 12 hours and it was great there.
I couldn't find anything to eat but it was just beautiful. We went to a Temple. I am guessing Shinto but I don't know for sure and the gardens were beautiful.
Daniel and I both really enjoyed it. We decided we only got on day trips to these places. One day of daylight in Japan and a night and morning in Hawaii. We are short travelers I guess. The flights were very good the kids behaved the whole time and I was very grateful because that would have been a mess otherwise.

Chicago was freezing and Utah a little warmer. We all had our winter coats for Utah. The day after we arrived snow storms came daily. Anyway we are here in Utah now. We miss the Jimenez family. I am still very sad about that although I shouldn't be because we are good friends and will make it a point to see each other whenever they move back stateside.
Its christmas in 2 days oh just one day in Guam. In two days here and we haven't gone christmas shopping for the kids yet. I figure one stop at toys R us should do it. We can't decide what to get bubba. I hope the New Year brings good things. Wish us luck.


Allison said...

Glad you are feeling a little bit better - we hope you all have a much better 2009! Allison

Hera said...

Hi Miriam,
We Toutai's are survivors hehe. We go through things and we learn from them. Then in hindsight after it has happened we see the purpose.
Have a peaceful Christmas.
All our love and we will see you in a few months.

Sioseline Jimenez said...

We so miss you guys. The other day the lights were on at your house...funny we still refer to it as your house...and Eva got all upset because she thought someone had moved in to it. Im going to have to email you the latest happenings here. Too much for a blog comment...LOL Christmas here was HOT...96 and no breeze. Day after...nice and breezy and mostly overcast. We went swimming on Christmas Eva at Ypao, had lunch and dinner with Chris' family and then went to the Outrigger to swim at the pool today. First Christmas away from family and it wasn't too bad. I suppose we all have to make the most of our situations, hu? We love guys!!

MoBo said...

You guys are so Cute! Your Little Family! Miriam You are so Beautiful hmmm? haha Preettttyyy pritttyy

Lexi said...

Reeves, I love the beard. Did you get picked up by GQ-Japan?